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The Paladin's Techno Collection --- Step by Step.

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2/26/07 12:24 pm - jethr0paladin - Okay, so, I got some new CDs since last time I posted...

And I need to rip them for someone on demonoid, and someone I play WoW with anyway. Anyone want them? It's like, the entire Ultra Records discography that's not already on Demonoid, minus a few years and versions of Ministry of Sound and lounge music. Okay, I don't have the entire Ultra discography, but I have like 15 of their releases at this point. There's probably about 50 total. Ministry of Sound, Ultra Trance #, Dance #, Lounge #, Weekend, Electro, Clubbers Guide #, etc... I have most of the Trance ones, a bunch of the dance ones, both weekends, electro, and a few MoS's. Good stuff.

8/26/05 08:09 pm - jethr0paladin - First update in a long time...

If you haven't already gone there, I'm telling you now that you must. Since this is made up mostly of AL forum members anyway, I'd be seriously surprised if you haven't been there yet. Of course, those of you who aren't confused know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm talking, of course, about Excess's site/forums!

Anyway, I'm here to rant about what I believe to be his best work yet. He calls it "Instinct", due to all of nature of the wave files included in it. The song sounds to be trance, something I haven't listened to lately. I love it. It sounds, as he puts it, "more professional than my other junk." I have to agree.
Go place leech, everyone!

btw, I'm ripping two CDs tonight. I'm gonna post them in another update.

7/27/05 08:53 pm - jethr0paladin - Armored Core Nexus OST

Alright everyone, I promised this in my livejournal yesturday.

These days, I don't have the enthusiasm to make great large updates to Live Journal or Xanga. But I'll put some real work into this one.

[Album] Armored Core Nexus OST
[CD Title] Evolution
[Composers] N.O.Y.B., Yukinori Takada, Tsukasa Saitoh, Shohei Tsuchiya, Kohichi Suenaga
[Lead Composer] Kota Hoshino
[Genre] Techno
[Sub Genre] Japanese [Tek?]
[Rating] B
1. Shining
2. World Navigation
3. Dive
4. Like A Buffalo
5. Chronocrash
6. Prescription
7. Come On Nexus
8. Scope Eye
9. Brandnew Armored Core Runs About
10. Chime
11. Blitz
12. Prankish Jelly
13. Electro Arm With Emotion
14. Lightning Volcano
15. My Boat
16. Urgent Evasion
17. Flood of A Life
18. Autobahn
19. Wall Flower
20. High Sign
21. Galaxy Heavy Blow
22. Red Butterfly
23. End Roll
[Commentary] The Evolution disk was rather disappointing. I guess the songs in Armored Core Nexus just weren't as good as the songs in the other games. Nexus' music didn't help you fight better like the other games did. It was a real shame, as far as I'm concerned. However, this is really a very good CD, and it's some of the best techno I've heard it a long, long time. The B rating is a bit unfair, because I've played the game and I know the music isn't as good as the music in the other games. It stands decently on its own; against other songs in the genre pretty well.
[URL] Provided, of course

ALSO: I'll be providing the second disk in the OST tomorrow, named Revolution. It has remixed songs from the other Armored Core OSTs. In other words, all those bonus songs available from completing bonus mission in the Revolution CD that came with Nexus.

Edit: Photos from Nexus.Collapse )

7/13/05 05:13 pm - jethr0paladin - Long enough?

It's been 11 days since I last posted an upload on here, hasn't it? The last 11 days have been rather shitty for me, so I think I have an excuse. But how about everyone else? Surely someone else has some music they'd like to share?

Anyway, tonight's update is going to be a bit different from previous updates. It's not only going to be electronic music. I'm also throwing in a bit of metal.

[artists] Dj Mystik and Dj Matrix
[album] Eternity 5
[genre] Mixed Vocal Trance
[rating] A
[commentary] This is one of my own rips. I bought the CD about a year ago from some random site based in California that claimed they were legits. After buying this and another Mystik CD (Trinity), I figured they were no better than people who burned 'em, and decided to just download more of his CDs.
{Dj Mystik}
Thunder In Paradise
Your Spirit Is Shining
The Navigator
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Elevate Your Mind
Eternity is Past

{Dj Matrix}
Last Unicorn
Follow Me
I Need Your Lovin
Changing All The Time
One With The Stars
Castles in the Sky
I Can't Stop Loving You
[download] Here

[band] In Flames
[album] Reroute to Remain
[genre] Metal
[rating] A+
[commentary] Kimori recently sent this to me. I really like it. All of the songs seem to really fit in well when you're play Doom or Doom II, which is what I was playing most of the last week.
[download] Here

7/2/05 08:09 pm - jethr0paladin - Under new management!*

*Not really. Just under a more open rules set up:
All members can now post. Anyone can join without having to be approved. Non-members cannot, however, post.

Alright, if that coding worked, the text above should be really small. But since I never really understood the god forsaken \<\ font size=# \>\ command, it probably won't work. The rules have slightly changed. Anyone can post now without requiring posting access, and you no longer need to be approved for membership. I hope that this will recruit some more members, perhaps people who were crosslinked here from OMG!LM by Dr Ishmael's oldschool Japanese techno post.

Anyway, here's a CD.

[title] Club Trance
[artist] Compilation
[genre] Trance
[rating] A+

Blank and Jones - A Night to Remember
Flutlicht - Icarus
Dj Tatana - Yellow
Dj Tech - Neverland
Badlands - Body and Soul
Sound of Overdose - City to City
Dj Centuary and Waterwaxx - Lazarus
Yuma - You and Me
Warlock - Target
Wavescope - The Spirit
Ice Breaker - Frozen
Tall 2xlc - Innocence
Dj Bjorn - Tracking
Rainbow Warrior - La Musique
Servant of Light - Exhale
Odyssey of Light - The Breath
Spellbound - Universe of Life
Pagemaster - Hold On

This is a very good CD. Many of the songs on it should look familiar to the hardened trance vet, but unlike most CDs where this is true, the tracks on this CD actually AREN'T OVER PLAYED. Icarus is one of my favorite trance tracks, mostly for the name. Lazarus is also one I liked originally for the name. When I asked Excess what CD I should upload, I listed a few tracks from this one: A Night to Remember, Icarus, City to City, Lazarus, and The Spirit, and he said, "Excess: Yeh. Take that"

Anyway, that was a really shitty paragraph. Just download it. It's a great CD.


6/30/05 08:12 pm - excessinated - Yay! Wie! Omg! Trance!

Right, so here's Trancemaster 4006. Since I'm too lazy too upload each and every song by itself to yousendit I'm providing you all with a big fat rar-file.

Download it

I'm not much of a commenter. But the best tracks on Trancemaster 4006 are:

CD 1 Track 3
Artist: Johan Gielen
Song: Flash
Rating: A
Notes: I really like songs like this. It really has a different style from the rest of the songs. Maybe that's why I like it.

CD 1 Track 10
Artist: Savon
Song: One Million Strings (Andy Jay Powell Mix)
Rating: A
Notes: Even though there's not a million of them. The strings in this song are great and they make the song sound magical. But when I think about it, all trance songs feel magical in some way.

CD 2 Track 3
Artist: Mindhunters
Song: Eat Dis
Rating: A+
Notes: This feels really powerful. And with a song name like Eat Dis, it really shows attitude.

CD 2 Track 8
Artist: St. Tropez caps.
Song: Like a Storm (DJ Peran Mix)
Rating: A+
Notes: Somehow, I feel very nostalgic when I listen to this song, don't know why though. And it has a great anthem too!

CD 2 Track 10
Artist: DJ Black vs. 1-0-1
Song: What
Rating: S
Notes: Even though it's the shortest track on the two CDs I'll have to say it's the best. Makes you want to dance!

Of course the other tracks are great too, but these are the best in my opinion.

Oh and also, be sure to check out my own music. Electronic of course.

6/24/05 02:09 pm - jethr0paladin - Favorite "summertime" mix

[title] Dancemania TRANCE Z 2
[artist] Various
[genre] Trance
[rating] A+
[tracklist] Provided (Thanks Animelyrics.com!)
[individual tracks] No
[cue] Provided (Thanks YSI!)
[download] Of course! (Thanks YSI!)
[comments] This is a rather good CD. The tracklist is made up of trance/dance favorites from the US and Europe. It's one of my favorite CDs for the summer due to the uplifting sounds of the list. Of course, I like vocal trance anyway; this list has a bunch of oldschool as well as recent favorites. Namely, I love Irish Blue, Pretty Green Eyes, No Limit and Heart of Gold. One of the more uplifting tracks from this CD, I think at least, is "Shake Ya Shimmy" by Flip & Fill. Great song for just getting up and dancing. For those of you who aren't as big on trance as some of us are, you might recognize a few songs from being hits a few years ago. "The Tide is High" by Atomic Kitten makes an appearance on here, as well as "Heaven is a Place on Earth" and "What It Feels Like for a Girl", both by authors whose names escape me at the moment. I think the latter was done by Madonna? There are also two songs sung by Rochelle on here. She's got a very nice voice. "Bring pop Me to Life" and "Eternal Flame"- I think those may also have hits at one time.

6/11/05 02:26 pm - jethr0paladin - Prepare for more DJ Avalon!

[album] Kamasutra CD 1
[artist] DJ Avalon
[genre] Trance
[rating] A+
Sign of Love
Why Haven't I
Shake Ya Shimmy
How Old Are You
I Believe
Cryptic Project
All Out Of Love
Dance Nation
Fly With Me
Last Night I Dreamed

6/11/05 01:23 pm - jethr0paladin - Here's some trance for ya!

[album] Aura
[artist] Dj Avalon
[genre] Trance
[rating] A
Man On The Moon
File 3 (Equinoxe IV)
Spaceman Came Travelling
Eye In The Sky
Enjoy Your Dreams
Silenced By Fear
Spirit of Yesterday
Closer to Heaven
Sky Lab
This Is Goodbye
Last Day On Earth
Sunday Morning

6/9/05 03:31 pm - jethr0paladin - Enough HHC. Now for some Goa / Psy Trance: Infected Mushroom!

[album] Converting Vegetarians: The Trance Side
[artist] Infected Mushroom
[genre] Psychadelic Trance
[rating] A- (I like The Other Side, the other CD of this set, better.)
Hush Mail
Apogriffa Night
Song Pong
Scorpion Frog
Deeply Disturbed
Semi Nice
Yanko Pitch

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